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Pregnancy nutrition: second trimester pointers

It is imperative to eat the right amount of nutrients during the second trimester for the baby to develop well. Here are a few tips in the right direction of healthy nutrition during pregnancy.

US Zika Pregnancy and Infant Registry

The US Zika Pregnancy and Infant Registry collects information about pregnant women in the United States with laboratory evidence of possible Zika virus infection and their infants.

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The secret to developing your infant(birth 3 to 6 months)

Infant development begins at birth. Consider major infant development milestones from birth to 3 months and know what to do when something’s not right. Get in depth analysis of what to expect when your baby is developing.

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Indicators and signs you should watch out for in case of preeclampsia

Globally, Preeclampsia effects 76,000 maternal and 500,000 infant deaths each year. As a new mom how do you determine if you have Preeclampsia?. Get information on how to know if you have preeclampsia so as to easily prevent it. Learn more about this indicators,

Breastfeeding/formula combination feeding

A wonderful forum that is filled with questions and answers surrounding breastfeeding and forumla combination feeding.  

Questions to ask that help you select the right pediatrician

When looking for a pediatrician, ask these questions to help your selection. 

Benefits of exercising after having a baby

There are many benefits to postpartum exercise.  Learn some easy ways to exercise that will help you feel better.

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Useful comparison of cloth and disposable diapers

Settling on cloth or disposable diapers? Begin here for the upsides and downsides of each. 

Why You Should Test Your Child for Allergies

Intolerances, factors and causes of allergies, why you should get an allergy test today.

Safety Ways You Should Know When Bathing Your Baby

Bath time can be a fun time for you and your baby.There are some vital ways to take after to make bath time safe and also fun.

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Get Your Birth Courses, Coaching Preparations You Must Know Before Your Partner Here

Kickassbirth is one of the fastest growing online resource centre in coaching

Legality Of Drinking Alcohol And Advice

A few things you need to know about drinking and being a parent.

Nutritional needs during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through numerous physical as well as hormonal changes. And of course, the way you nourish your body during pregnancy will not only affect your baby’s health but yours too.

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How to choose the right hospital for childbirth?

Health care consumers now have access to information about the quality and safety of hospitals for childbirth. Check out the tips to choose the right hospital.

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Does a woman’s age affect her fertility?

Even though age is not a barrier to achieving many things, it could reduce the chances of a woman getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

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Digestion in premature babies

It is quite common for many children, especially premature babies to be diagnosed with influx as well as colic. Here are a few things you need to know about premature babies’ digestion.

Colic in Babies: Signs, Causes and Tips for Parents

If you got any infant who cries for long and refuses every effort to soothe those tears, then he or she is probably suffering from colic. Check out these signs and causes of colic as well as tips for parents.

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The impact of emerging technology on the developing infants. Psychology Research.

Even though technology offers opportunities for entertainment and education, the vulnerable population, notably developing infants require careful and specific consideration.

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Mycophenolate pregnancy registry

Many women desire to report their pregnancy to the mycophenolate pregnancy registry, but often do not know how to go about it. Check out these two ways to report a pregnancy.

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An essential guide to your 9-12 Months old Babies’ Physical Development

Your baby is growing by leaps and bounds you’re probably astounded by how much difference a few short months have made in your baby’s physical development.
Play with your baby often and create lots of opportunities for physical activity.

Rare Complications After a Miscarriage that you should be aware

sometimes women have complications after a miscarriage such as excessive bleeding, infection, or depression may occur following a miscarriage. We are going to look detailly at the different complications women face after miscarriage which ranges from incomplete miscarriage to anxiety disorders. Learn more

Maternity fashion must-have clothing items

Here is a wonderful list of must-have clothing items that are fashionable and functional.  

Breastfeeding and breast milk resources

Links to websites of groups that study or provide information about breastfeeding and breast milk.

Helpful tips for your one-month-old: Video

Watch this video which contains a ton of information about your one-month-old.  

Baby developmental milestones at 12 to 15 months

What an exciting time it is during your baby’s 12-15 months of living.  Here are some milestones to look forward to.

The ABC of Baby Allergies

Learn how baby allergies happen, the symptoms they carry, how to test for allergic reactions.

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How to Check Your Baby’s Temperature

How to take your baby’s temperature and to know what the normal baby temperature is.

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What It Means By Giving Birth To A Stillborn

Here you will find important information and support for mums on giving birth to a stillborn baby.

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Are You Considering A Labor Coach?

Employing a doula or labor coach may appear very costly, having an experienced coach can give various advantages.

Feeding Infants To Prevent Mother To Child Transmission Of HIV

Transmission may occur during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

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