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How does reflux affect infants who are premature?

Gastroesophageal reflux is one of the most difficult, common and misunderstood problems premature babies face. Here is everything you need to know about reflux and premature babies.

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Are premature babies more likely to suffer from colic?

There is no specific cause of colic although several things might cause colic. Now, let’s find out if premature babies are more likely to suffer from colic.

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The impact of technology on child development

Years back, children used to play a lot outdoors. However, with the invention of entertainment technology, children’s development have been impacted both positively and negatively.

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Your guide to the third trimester of pregnancy

Even though you are two-third of the way by the third trimester, the baby still has plenty of growing to do.

These points on child development will keep you updated

The big breakthrough in motor development is that your baby will move all on their own. In this article you will get important information on Social and emotional development of your baby like Moving around, Talking, Suggested activities, Signs that suggest a developmental problem, Where to get help and more

The commonly feared Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the most common type of pregnancy loss, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). There are different types of miscarriage, different treatments for each, and different statistics for what your chances are of having one. The information in this article will give a broad overview of miscarriage. This information is provided to help equip you with knowledge so that you might not feel so alone or lost if you face a possible miscarriage situation

4 places to buy stylish and affordable kids clothes

Here are 4 great websites that offer both affordable and stylish clothing.  Happy shopping!

Benefits of paced bottle feeding while breastfeeding

Paced bottle feeding reduces the drawbacks of bottle feeding and keeps your new baby happy and healthy.

Twins require more frequent prenatal visits

Learn why twins require more frequent prenatal visits and special concerns with twin pregnancy.

Everything you need to know about diapers and diapering

A fantastic website page dedicated to diapers and diapering.   Trust us, this will give you everything you need to know.   

Babies and Food Allergies; All You Should Know

How to handle common food allergies in babies, their signs and symptoms.

Baby’s Development At 1 Week Old

How he/she should develop both physically, cognitively and their eating rate.

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Recuperation After Natural Birth

We hear a lot about how tough pregnancy can be on the body, but we talk less about what happens to your body after vaginal birth.

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A Quick Analysis Of Birth Coaches, Doulas and Midwives

A doula can provide you and your family with information and physical/emotional support before, during, and after labor and delivery.

Discover Many Topics Of Breastfeeding And Nursing

Lots of information about breastfeeding with research and resources.

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Planning for labor

Despite the numerous experiences that pregnancy brings, labor is the one that makes many women most nervous. Lamaze however offers a variety of resources designed to guide you through labor

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PCOS and Your Fertility

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common reasons why women find it hard getting pregnant. Check out what you can do about this condition in a bid to get pregnant.

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Probiotic drugs might ease colic

Research has proven that infants who are given probiotics within the first three months of their life have fewer bouts of colic, acid reflux as well as constipation.

Protein needs during the third trimester

During the third trimester, the baby requires much protein through the mother since it’s a time of rapid growth and development.

Is it safe to sleep on your right side?

Even though sleeping on the left side is highly recommendable for pregnant women, it is almost impossible to have just one sleeping position and that explains why so many women switch between the right and the left sides.

Baby’s growth and development in early pregnancy (first trimester)

There are lots of developments that happen to a fetus within the first three months of pregnancy. Here is a monthly description of the growth taking place in your unborn child.

Detailed analysis on Premature Births and Associated Complications to easily understand

What classifies a baby as premature? If they are born premature, how likely is it that they will survive? Learn about this and more in this lesson on the risks and complications of premature birth with the help of videos quizzes and online courses on premature birth so as to help you with a better understanding.

Important things to understand about newborn complications

There are several newborn complications that may occur. This article goes over what to know about newborn complications and medical help that is available. 

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Infant first aid choking and CPR

This step-by-step guide explains the basics of first aid for choking and CPR.

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Amount of formula for each feeding

Here are some the opinions of how much to feed your baby when giving formula.

The best types of cloth diapers for your baby

If you’re considering cloth, you don’t have to go 100 percent from the get-go, start slowly. In this article, there is a breakdown of different cloth diapers to help you decide whether cloth diapering is for you.

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When Should I Start Testing My Baby For Allergy?

Experiences from parents across the globe and get more information on testing.

TOXIN ALERT: Do You Trust In Your Baby’s Bath Products?

48 well-known products were independently tested and what to look for to keep your baby safe.

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Discover Expert Advice On How To Have Happy Parenting Bonding With Babies Here

Babies who have a close and intimate relationship with at least one parent are less likely to experience emotional or behavioral problems in childhood.

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Alcohol And Breastfeeding

Understand what drinking alcohol can do to your child when breastfeeding.