Ashton Lawhorn


The basics of your first set of monthly doctor visits

A basic overview of what to expect during the first and second trimester doctor visits.

Helpful tips for your one-month-old: Video

Watch this video which contains a ton of information about your one-month-old.  

Monthly journal pages to help keep track of key developments

These monthly journal pages will help you keep track of key developments and test results during your pregnancy. 

Suggested questions for your baby’s one-month checkup

A long list of questions that are good to ask for your baby’s one-month check up.

Details of what will happen at your doctor visits

Get information on what will happen at doctor appointments.  Many questions answered here. 

First trimester doctor visits

During the first trimester, there will be lots of testing and doctor visits. Get expert information and advice about your growing baby and the changes with your body.

A weekly pregnancy guide

This is a guide for every week of pregnancy.  The article provides detail of week one to forty.