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A useful size chart for your children’s clothes

Not sure what sizes mean for baby clothing?  Here is a useful chart that gives you an idea on what sizes to buy your baby ahead of time.

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A sizing chart for kids and baby

Here is an easy to use sizing chart for children.  Useful for buying gifts for loved ones or stocking up your child’s closet.

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The most trustworthy international size charts guide

If you use some minutes measuring the body and determining sizes before placing your order, you can increase the chance of getting well-fitting garments. But how to do it? Let us show you! Just choose a category from baby, toddler, children and youth.

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A guide to buying baby clothes – sizes, tips, and must-haves

A wonderful guide to buying baby clothes. Tips on baby clothes sizes, what to buy and must-have items.

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Unable to exclusively breastfeed? Aspects of combination feeding

An entertaining article that discusses combination feeding, goes over do’s and don’ts of what will help and educates you on this topic.

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Combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding

A brief article about combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Review the comments for more helpful information.

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