Meagan Makuch


Guide to Your Baby’s First Week

What you need to know about babies at this stage, and how to feed your newborn.

Categories 0-3 Months Baby

Daily Routine For Your Baby At A Week Old

Now that your baby has arrived, how to know if you are doing it all right?

Categories 0-3 Months Baby

1 Week Old Baby; Grow with Your Baby

Get amazing details about your baby from day 1 to day 7.

Categories 0-3 Months Baby

Baby Week 1: Possible Feeding and Digestive Issues

Your baby has gas issues in his/her stomach, how to prevent these and when to call the doctor.

Categories 0-3 Months

Baby’s Brain in Week 1

Learn about your baby’s brain in week 1, what it is composed of and boost his/her potentials.

Categories 0-3 Months Baby

Baby’s Development At 1 Week Old

How he/she should develop both physically, cognitively and their eating rate.

Categories 0-3 Months Baby