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Protein needs during the third trimester

During the third trimester, the baby requires much protein through the mother since it’s a time of rapid growth and development.

Pregnancy diet plan for third trimester

During the third trimester the baby grows larger in size thereby making it impossible for the mother to eat a reasonable quantity of food. However, it is imperative to follow the right diet plan to nourish the baby well and equally keep her weight on track.

Pregnancy and prenatal vitamins

Even though eating healthy is a great idea during pregnancy, it is equally important to take prenatal vitamins to help cover up any nutritional gaps

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Prenatal nutrition

Nutrition as well as weight management has profound effects on the development of infants both before and during pregnancy.

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The optimal nutrition support during pregnancy

Pregnancy usually results in an increased need for minerals and vitamins. Here are some key recommendations to increase the odds of a healthy pregnancy.

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Baby’s checkup schedule

Every baby needs a pediatrician after they are born to follow them up in a bid to ensure that they are developing normally. Here are some reasons why a baby need a pediatrician and what should be expected there.

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Pediatrician visits for parents

Having a child is not an easy task for parents as one of the most stressful things parents go through is their child’s health and development. Most often parents are confused whether to take their child to the emergency room, schedule an appointment or just treat them at home.

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Keeping baby healthy

It is the duty of every parent to ensure the health and wellbeing of their baby. Now check out this guide on when and how often to visit a pediatrician.

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What you should expect at your child’s pediatrician visit

There have been changes in some of the routine questions asked during a child’s visit to a pediatrician thanks to advancements and innovations in technology. Here are the things to expect at your child’s visit to the pediatrician.

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The importance of routine pediatrician visits

Even though parents know who to go to when their child is sick, routine pediatrician visits remain absolutely important for the health of infants and children.

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