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4 common methods of baby sleep training

It is imperative for parents to train their babies to fall and remain asleep all through the night. Check out these 4 common methods of baby sleep training.

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Babies and Technology – What we know, but refuse to accept

Almost every parent knows technology is harmful to their babies, infants and toddlers although they continue to flock in the latest technological devices.

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The positive effects of technology on children’s social development

Developments as well as improvements in technology have not only been beneficial to adults but also to children. Here are some positive impacts of technology on children’s development.

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Is screen time good or bad for babies?

Babies and toddlers love playing with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets and most parents even use them to distract their children while they are busy. However, there is still a lot of debate on whether or not screen time is good for babies.

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The impact of technology on child development

Years back, children used to play a lot outdoors. However, with the invention of entertainment technology, children’s development have been impacted both positively and negatively.

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Determining the Effects of Technology on Children

Technology has become an integral part of life for everyone, children inclusive. Check out the extent to which technology affects children

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A baby’s brain on technology

Results from research indicate that over-exposing the developing brain to multi-tasking, attentional and learning often results in difficulties

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The impact of emerging technology on the developing infants. Psychology Research.

Even though technology offers opportunities for entertainment and education, the vulnerable population, notably developing infants require careful and specific consideration.

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Tips for parents in the digital age

In this current world of technology where children are growing up digital, it is imperative for parents to help them learn healthy concepts of digital use and citizenship.

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Recommended Immunization Schedules

Children need vaccines to grow healthily. The following schedules nevertheless indicate the recommended ages for routine administration of currently licensed vaccines for children.

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