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What will happen during your baby’s two-week checkup

Frequent checkups are necessary for your baby.   During this checkup, the doctor weighs your baby and performs a physical exam of your baby.

Twins require more frequent prenatal visits

Learn why twins require more frequent prenatal visits and special concerns with twin pregnancy.

What happens during your third trimester

A lot of your body’s energy is directed towards supporting a rapidly growing fetus. It’s common to feel the need to reduce your activities and your workload, and get some rest during the day. 

The third trimester prenatal doctor appointment

Learn what to expect and questions your doctor should be asking in your third trimester prenatal visit.

The basics of your first set of monthly doctor visits

A basic overview of what to expect during the first and second trimester doctor visits.

Basic things to know about second trimester prenatal visits

Discover what happens during your second-trimester prenatal checkups. Listening to your baby’s pulse, measuring your belly, lots of exciting things.

Helpful tips for your one-month-old: Video

Watch this video which contains a ton of information about your one-month-old.  

First trimester doctor visits

During the first trimester, there will be lots of testing and doctor visits. Get expert information and advice about your growing baby and the changes with your body.

Details of what will happen at your doctor visits

Get information on what will happen at doctor appointments.  Many questions answered here. 

Suggested questions for your baby’s one-month checkup

A long list of questions that are good to ask for your baby’s one-month check up.

Monthly journal pages to help keep track of key developments

These monthly journal pages will help you keep track of key developments and test results during your pregnancy. 

A weekly pregnancy guide

This is a guide for every week of pregnancy.  The article provides detail of week one to forty. 

Things you need to know about your first antenatal appointment

Get a detailed understanding of your first doctor’s appointment.

When is it time to start exercising after giving birth?

Are you wondering when to start exercising after having your baby? Find out more about this with helpful facts about exercise.

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Exercise and postnatal workouts

This is a comprehensive website for eating healthy and it provides many ideas for exercise.

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Postpartum exercising

Get detailed answers to all your questions about exercise after having a baby.

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Benefits of exercising after having a baby

There are many benefits to postpartum exercise.  Learn some easy ways to exercise that will help you feel better.

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A complete guide to postpartum exercises

The most important “exercises” to do during the first few weeks after birth are to rest and get to know your baby. walking, pelvic floor exercises, Abdominal strengthening are a few helpful guidelines. Learn more helpful exercises for your postpartum period.

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Games and activities are important to your child’s growth

It is important for your little one to have games and activities.  Look to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social development.

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Games for playtime

Make your babies playtime more enjoyable with these game ideas and activities. 

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Baby shower game ideas

Here are baby shower games that will be good for any crowd.

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20 fun indoor games

Games are necessary for your child’s development. Here are fun indoor games to play when the weather does not cooperate.  

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A guideline to formula feeding

Learn more about choosing the right formula.

How much to formula to feed your baby

General tips that can help you figure out how much and how often to feed your little one. 

Amount of formula for each feeding

Here are some the opinions of how much to feed your baby when giving formula.

The amount of formula necessary for your baby

It can be tricky to figure out how much formula to give your baby. Find out how much formula your baby needs.

Chart of baby formula amount by age

This chart shows details on the amount of baby formula needed based on age.

Substitutes for infants with food allergies

Infants can develop an intolerance or allergy. Learn what to feed your allergic infant.

Formula with cows milk allergy

 2 percent of babies have an allergy to cow’s milk protein. This article provides different types of allergy baby formula recommendations.  

Nutrition for women during breastfeeding

Explore the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.