1st Trimesters & Weekly Progression

Your First Trimester (Week-by-Week)

Every week of pregnancy could be different from another as they could come with new characteristics. Check out this week-by-week changes within the first trimester.

Fetal development in the first trimester

Fetal development begins as early as after conception. Now, find out exactly how the baby grows and develops during the first trimester.

The pregnancy calendar (a week by week guide)

The pregnancy calendar is a detailed guide showing all the changes taking place in your body throughout your pregnancy.

Baby’s growth and development in early pregnancy (first trimester)

There are lots of developments that happen to a fetus within the first three months of pregnancy. Here is a monthly description of the growth taking place in your unborn child.

Stages of pregnancy

A normal pregnancy lasts averagely for 40 weeks from the first day of your last monthly period. Check out the three trimesters of pregnancy and their characteristics.