6-9 months

The basic development guide of babies from 6–9 months

In this article you will learn about Social and emotional development for babies of 6-9 months, Physical development, Moving, Seeing, Hearing, Speech and language, Activities for the 6 to 9 month old and more interesting facts concerned with developing your 6-0 months old child.

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Trends about baby’s milestones that you didn’t know of

The second part of your child’s first year is filled with so many developmental changes that you may feel you need a constantly running video camera to record them all. All babies develop skills at their own pace. Learn about some of the changes you can anticipate from your 6 months old baby.

Categories 6-9 months Development

Well analysed facts on 6-9 months child development

When your child is between 6 to months he/she gains some sensitivity. At this point you will need to teach him/her how to eat, how to use hands, how your baby moves, how your baby explores. Learn more about what you need to do at this point.

Categories 6-9 months Development