Consequences of Pumping Breast Milk

Exclusively pumping is popular for many moms. Understand the effects on maternal and infant health.

Breastfeeding and breast milk resources

Links to websites of groups that study or provide information about breastfeeding and breast milk.

New Guidelines From Breastfeeding Professionals

Learn about the baby’s diet and get tips and advice during pregnancy.

Expert advice on nipple shields and breastfeeding techniques

Are you a slave to the shield?. Get to know the importance of nipple shields in breastfeeding your baby and if in case you are fed up with using the shield, here are a list of techniques in doing the transition to breastfeeding without the shield.

Tips For Moms Who Exclusively Pump

An opinion article with 20 tips for Moms who pump breastmilk.

Breastfeeding medical resources

A medical resource page for women who are breastfeeding.

Peanut Allergies And Breastfeeding

Consuming peanuts while breastfeeding study

The truth about using nipple shields

Most nipple shields are made of a soft, thin, flexible plastic. Find out in what way nipple shields can be useful to babies and some tricks to using them correctly

Legality Of Drinking Alcohol And Advice

A few things you need to know about drinking and being a parent.

Paced responsive feeding

Reduce many common problems associated with overfeeding your infant.  

Feeding Infants To Prevent Mother To Child Transmission Of HIV

Transmission may occur during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

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The most interesting facts about Nipple shields that will keep you going

What is a nipple shield?A nipple shield is a thin flexible silicone cover which a mother places over her nipple prior to breastfeeding. Get to know more about nipple shields including its advantages, disadvantages, the best one for you, directions and precautions and more.

Health Information About Alcohol And Nursing

Guidelines and effects of drinking alcohol while nursing.

Benefits of paced bottle feeding while breastfeeding

Paced bottle feeding reduces the drawbacks of bottle feeding and keeps your new baby happy and healthy.

A One Stop Breastfeeding Resource

Raise a happy and healthy baby.

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How tongue-tie and lip-tie affect breastfeeding

Tongue and lip-tie are common causes of nipple pain, uneven breast drainage, slow weight gain and low milk supply.

Alcohol While Breastfeeding: What Is Safe?

Drinking alcohol is common, understand how much is too much.

Paced bottle feeding for breastfed babies

Breastfeeding offers many benefits for your baby, but it’s not without its challenges.

A Ton Of Articles In One Place About Breastfeeding

Here is some incredible advice to help you.

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Find Out The Nursing Basics, Guidance From A Medical Expert i

Knowing and understanding that your breastfeeding enough milk.

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What you need to know about tongue ties

What are tongue ties, and do they affect breastfeeding? Why do they seem to be more prevalent lately? 

Know The Facts Of Breastfeeding

Insights, facts and information that is important to know.

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Ways to bottle feed a breastfed baby – Pace feeding

Pace feeding is a method for feeding your baby a bottle of expressed breast milk. 

Discover Many Topics Of Breastfeeding And Nursing

Lots of information about breastfeeding with research and resources.

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Alcohol And Breastfeeding

Understand what drinking alcohol can do to your child when breastfeeding.

Information about tongue ties and lip ties

Tongue-tie and “lip-tie” are terms tripping off many a tongue today. Get information about what parents need to know if they suspect their baby may have a tie including signs in parents, Signs in baby and watch videos to find solutions.

Breastfeeding Has Enormous Health Benefits

Information about health insurance benefits and help with breastfeeding.

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How to bottle feed a breastfed baby

Breastmilk feeding is always preferred, learn about paced bottle feeding. 

Staying With Breastfeeding And The Benefits

A quick infographic that details why breastfeeding benefits you and your child.

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How To Find A Lactation Consultant

Looking for lactation consultants? Learn about resources online to help you find help where you live.