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Unable to exclusively breastfeed? Aspects of combination feeding

An entertaining article that discusses combination feeding, goes over do’s and don’ts of what will help and educates you on this topic.

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Combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding

A brief article about combining breastfeeding and bottle feeding. Review the comments for more helpful information.

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Advantages of combination feeding

Understand why people talk about combination feeding and the advantages of using a baby bottle.

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Age by age guide to feeding your baby the first year

Use this guide to find out what to feed your child in the first year. Signs of readiness for solid foods, what to feed and how much per day and feeding tips.

Breastfeeding/formula combination feeding

A wonderful forum that is filled with questions and answers surrounding breastfeeding and forumla combination feeding.  

Understanding how combining breastfeeding and formula feedings has benefits

Feeling overwhelmed or unable to breastfeed 24/7?  Here is an article that provides great information about using formula to help you and your baby.

Combining breast milk and formula

Learn about how to combine breastmilk and formula.  This article discusses partial weaning, nipple confusion and a few helpful videos from mothers who provide some helpful tips.

Combining breast and bottle feeding

Helpful article that discusses why mothers combine breast and bottle feeding.  It has a links to other articles that give detailed instructions as well.  

Breastfeeding your baby and supplementing with formula

Find out about the most common questions surrounding breastfeeding and supplementing with formula.