Doctor’s Visits

Doctor visits are important

It is necessary for your baby to see the doctor, especially during the child’s first three years. This article covers the basics of what your doctor should be asking.

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Helpful tips for your one-month-old: Video

Watch this video which contains a ton of information about your one-month-old.  

Know what to expect for routine pediatrician appointments

Learn how your pediatrician checks your baby and understand what they are looking for.

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Monthly journal pages to help keep track of key developments

These monthly journal pages will help you keep track of key developments and test results during your pregnancy. 

New moms need to go to the doctor too

It’s really important that women check in somewhere after delivery. Learn why mothers need frequent checkup after birth.

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Suggested questions for your baby’s one-month checkup

A long list of questions that are good to ask for your baby’s one-month check up.

What will happen during your baby’s two-week checkup

Frequent checkups are necessary for your baby.   During this checkup, the doctor weighs your baby and performs a physical exam of your baby.

Details of what will happen at your doctor visits

Get information on what will happen at doctor appointments.  Many questions answered here. 

Your baby’s first doctor appointment

Most parents schedule this visit with a pediatrician either while in the hospital post delivery or shortly after coming home. This article will help you be prepared and take away some of the stress.

First trimester doctor visits

During the first trimester, there will be lots of testing and doctor visits. Get expert information and advice about your growing baby and the changes with your body.

When do you start going to the doctor every two weeks?

This blog is all things family related. Whether you are planning for your first or expecting another baby, you will always find like-minded members to talk and make friends with.  Just like!

A weekly pregnancy guide

This is a guide for every week of pregnancy.  The article provides detail of week one to forty. 

The third trimester prenatal doctor appointment

Learn what to expect and questions your doctor should be asking in your third trimester prenatal visit.

Things you need to know about your first antenatal appointment

Get a detailed understanding of your first doctor’s appointment.

What happens during your third trimester

A lot of your body’s energy is directed towards supporting a rapidly growing fetus. It’s common to feel the need to reduce your activities and your workload, and get some rest during the day. 

The best types of cloth diapers for your baby

If you’re considering cloth, you don’t have to go 100 percent from the get-go, start slowly. In this article, there is a breakdown of different cloth diapers to help you decide whether cloth diapering is for you.

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Twins require more frequent prenatal visits

Learn why twins require more frequent prenatal visits and special concerns with twin pregnancy.

Everything you need to know about your six-week postpartum checkup

Get detailed analysis about your six months postpartum check by finding out why you need a postpartum checkup, topics your healthcare provider will discuss with you

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Basic things to know about second trimester prenatal visits

Discover what happens during your second-trimester prenatal checkups. Listening to your baby’s pulse, measuring your belly, lots of exciting things.

Doctor visits for your baby’s first year

Discover what the doctor will do, ask, and look for during those visits.  There are some print out worksheets you can take with you to appointments.

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The basics of your first set of monthly doctor visits

A basic overview of what to expect during the first and second trimester doctor visits.