Every 2 Weeks

The third trimester prenatal doctor appointment

Learn what to expect and questions your doctor should be asking in your third trimester prenatal visit.

What happens during your third trimester

A lot of your body’s energy is directed towards supporting a rapidly growing fetus. It’s common to feel the need to reduce your activities and your workload, and get some rest during the day. 

Twins require more frequent prenatal visits

Learn why twins require more frequent prenatal visits and special concerns with twin pregnancy.

What will happen during your baby’s two-week checkup

Frequent checkups are necessary for your baby.   During this checkup, the doctor weighs your baby and performs a physical exam of your baby.

Your baby’s first doctor appointment

Most parents schedule this visit with a pediatrician either while in the hospital post delivery or shortly after coming home. This article will help you be prepared and take away some of the stress.

When do you start going to the doctor every two weeks?

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