Gas Drops

Are gas drops safe for a newborn?

Most parents use Simethicone drops (an over the counter remedy) to reduce gas bubbles in the intestine of newborns. However, while it is known that gas drops are generally safe, it isn’t clear if they are effective in reducing the symptoms of colic.

How to prevent and treat infant gas

Babies can be pretty gassy since they have many chances of swallowing air. Here are however some tips to prevent and treat infant gas.

Gas pains

Most babies often have gas issues since they have plenty chances of swallowing gas such as through eating. Here is everything you should about infant gas.

The Cause and Treatment of Infant, Baby and Newborn Gas Problems

Infant gas is quite common in many babies because a lot of their activities require swallowing gas. Here are the main causes and treatment methods of gas problems in infants, babies and newborns.