Medical Interventions

Has Labor Become a “Cascade of Intervention”?

Delivering a child in the hospital with a doctor seems to be the safest option because of the possibilities of interventions when things go wrong. However, the rhetorical question to many people is therefore whether labor has become a cascade of intervention?

New Scientific Report: Unnecessary Medical Interventions in Labor and Delivery May be Putting Mothers, Babies at Risk

There are indications that maternity systems are opportunities to provide better care and use resources more wisely by routinely intervening in labor and delivery in ways that interfere with, instead of promoting healthier outcomes for women and newborns.

Medical Labor & Delivery Intervention

It is likely that you may want or need medical intervention, even if you chose the traditional childbirth or natural childbirth approach. Here are the major medical intervention approaches during labor.

Labor and delivery interventions

Even though everyone hopes to have a smooth labor and delivery, some women will still end up having complications that require intervention. Check out these labor and delivery interventions.

Medical interventions

Of course every labor is different and some women may need extra help. It is therefore imperative to know the various medical interventions that may be offered to you ahead of time.

Common medical interventions you should know about

Even if you are planning to give birth naturally, the health care providers are sometimes obliged to intervene for health and safety reasons. Check out the most common medical interventions you should know about as you await labor.

The benefits and risks of using epidural anesthesia during labor

The use of epidural is one of the most popular pain relief methods during childbirth. Here are the benefits as well as risks associated with the use of epidural anesthesia during labor.

Labor Interventions: Why you want them and how to avoid them

Most women, especially those who want natural birth desire the best possible labor, delivery as well as birth experience. Now, check out why some women need labor interventions and how they can be avoided.

The Cascade of Intervention

Labor interventions just like most things in life have unintended consequences. Here are some maternity practices that can lead to a cascade of interventions.

Common medical interventions of childbirth

There are many ways to intervene medically during childbirth as soon as complications arise. Check out some of the most common medical interventions during childbirth.