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Colic in premature babies

Colic is a condition when a baby cries continuously even when there is no reason to do so. Here are some symptoms of colic to watch out for in premature babies.

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Are premature babies more likely to suffer from colic?

There is no specific cause of colic although several things might cause colic. Now, let’s find out if premature babies are more likely to suffer from colic.

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Colic in preemies

Colic makes babies cry non-stop. Here are a few tips to handling babies with colic.

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Colic in Babies: Signs, Causes and Tips for Parents

If you got any infant who cries for long and refuses every effort to soothe those tears, then he or she is probably suffering from colic. Check out these signs and causes of colic as well as tips for parents.

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Could your baby’s crying be colic?

Even though crying is a form of communication with babies, excessive crying for no reason is likely to be colic. Here are a few symptoms of colic you should watch out in your baby.

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9 causes and 14 remedies of colic

It can be very frustrating for parents dealing with a baby who constantly cries. Check out these 9 main causes as well as 14 remedies for colic.

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Colic: facts, causes and treatment

Colic is a condition that describes babies who cry for extended periods of time. Here are however some facts, causes and treatments of colic.

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Your preemies development from birth to the age of two

A baby born before 37 weeks is considered a premature because term babies are born between 37 and 42 weeks. Here is an overview of the development of preemies between birth and two years old.

Are gas drops safe for a newborn?

Most parents use Simethicone drops (an over the counter remedy) to reduce gas bubbles in the intestine of newborns. However, while it is known that gas drops are generally safe, it isn’t clear if they are effective in reducing the symptoms of colic.

Ages and stages of the fussy baby

Fussy babies do not just suffer from colic but they are high need babies too. Now, let’s check out the ages and stages of fussy babies.

Everything you should know about colic

Colic is a condition whereby babies cry for no reason for extensive periods of time with all attempts to soothe them ending in vain. Here is everything you should know about colicky babies.

What is colic?

Even though babies are supposed to cry to communicate to their mothers, colicky babies even cry continuously with all attempts to soothe their tears ending in vain.

Gas pains

Most babies often have gas issues since they have plenty chances of swallowing gas such as through eating. Here is everything you should about infant gas.

How to prevent and treat infant gas

Babies can be pretty gassy since they have many chances of swallowing air. Here are however some tips to prevent and treat infant gas.

Is gripe water ok for small/preemies babies?

Most often gripe water is given to children suffering from colic or gas as a remedy. So, let’s find out here if gripe water is ok for small/premature babies.

Digestion in premature babies

It is quite common for many children, especially premature babies to be diagnosed with influx as well as colic. Here are a few things you need to know about premature babies’ digestion.

The Cause and Treatment of Infant, Baby and Newborn Gas Problems

Infant gas is quite common in many babies because a lot of their activities require swallowing gas. Here are the main causes and treatment methods of gas problems in infants, babies and newborns.

6 natural remedies for colic

Babies with colic often cry uncontrollably with all attempts to soothe their tears going in vain. Check out these 6 natural remedies for colic.

Cure for colic in five easy steps

Babies with colic spend most of their time crying as all attempts to soothe them often end up futile. These are however five easy steps to cure colic.

Does your baby appear to be in pain with a bloated tummy?

It is very frustrating for parents whose babies have colic. Check out these top tips for parents to help soothe the symptoms in their babies.

How to soothe a crying baby

Babies are expected to cry naturally since it’s the only way they know to communicate their feelings. Here are nevertheless some tips to soothe a crying baby.

Medical Help for Mom and Her Preemie

Some mothers know before time they will have premature babies while it just happens to others accidentally. Check out everything you should know about medical help for both mom and her preemie baby.

Probiotic drugs might ease colic

Research has proven that infants who are given probiotics within the first three months of their life have fewer bouts of colic, acid reflux as well as constipation.

Colic treatment

Colic often gets better on its own as time passes by. Nevertheless, there are still some helpful tips on handling colicky babies.

Can probiotics cure your baby’s colic?

Probiotics are good bacteria found in the human digestive track. Now, check out if these bacteria can actually cure colic in infants.

Treating baby’s infant gas, colic and reflux with probiotics

There is mounting evidence that probiotics are effective against infant gas, colic and even reflux.

How to cope with colic

Babies with colic need a lot more attention because they cry for long periods of time without halting. Here are a few tips to cope with colicky babies.

3 steps to soothe your baby’s colic

Most parents become very frustrated dealing with babies with colic because they cry for long periods of time. Check out these 3 home steps to soothe your baby’s colic.

How to soothe a colicky baby

Colic causes pain in an infant’s gastro intestinal tract, thereby making him or her cry excessively. Here are some things you can do to soothe a colicky baby.

Natural methods for soothing colic

Even though colic normally decreases as a baby grows bigger, there are some natural methods to soothe colicky babies.